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Glycerine scraps.

Fast developing and growing production of biofuels in Europe/(the) world based on uneatable raw materials leads to the necessity of exploitation of by-products, which may significantly contribute to going down of prices.
One of the most important by-products appearing during biofuel production are glycerine scraps.

The reprocessing of glycerine scraps, which appeared during biodiesel production from plant oil and animal fat in order to make fuel oil (FAMA – methyl esters of higher fatty acid), enables to get more additional products : glycerine fuel oil with fuel value of 46,2 MJ/kg and organic fertilizer. These products cause that biodiesel production is ecologically safe, wateless and economically attractive.The offer is directed to biodiesel producers, who get some extra products ( glycerine fuel oil and  organic fertilizer for personal use) by using glycerine scraps.

Certain changes in polish law made possible the biofuel production for farmers' personal use.he offer concerns also users of cooking oil (firms: fast food, restaurants, bakeries).

Thanks to the complex offer of delivery, transport and recycling the producer of scraps gets and contibutes to the improvement of the environmental conditions. Companies which deliver their by-products to wasteless recycling impact deeply on the balanced development of natural resources and counteract environmental pollution.

Rape Oli

The Bioten company is a CDRO importer. He is used for the production of biocomponents added to biofuels. Below a specification of offered oil is

Quality requirements for rap oil

Parametry Jednostka miary Wartość Metoda oznaczenia
Parameters Unit Value Test method
Fosfor ppm 30 max PN ISO 10540-1
Phosphorus mg/kg 30 max
Liczba kwasowa mg KOH/g 1 max PN-EN ISO 66 0:2010
Acid value…… mgKOH/g 1 max
Zawartość wolnych kwasów tłuszczowych % 0,5 max PN-EN ISO 660:2010
The content of free fatty acids % 0,5 max
Zawartość zanieczyszczeń % 0,2 max PN-EN ISO 663:2009
Total contamination % 0,2 max
Liczba nadtlenkowa mEq O2/kg 4 PN-EN ISO 3960:2010
Peroxide value mEqO2/kg 4
Zawartość substancji niezmydlających się % 1 max PN-EN ISO 3596:2002
The content of substances unsaponifiables % 1 max
Liczba jodowa g jodu/100g 120 max PN-EN ISO 3961:2011
Iodine value g jodu/100g 120 max
Zawartość wody % 0,2 max PN-EN ISO 3657:2004
Water content % 0,2 max